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September Game of the Month: Bowling

September Toy of the Month: Bowling bowling Photo from https://blog.allstate.com/green-entertainment-for-kids/

There are many cute bowling sets available from amazon.com in a variety of styles. However, for a fun DIY project, make your own set! You’ll need the following materials:

● 10 plastic…

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Using Floortime


Ideas for increasing your child’s engagement, strengthening relationships, and facilitating developmental progress

Floortime is a therapeutic approach used by pediatric practitioners and caregivers to increase child communication and…

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Toy Spotlight: Mental Blox


Mental Blox is available from Learning Resources, Inc. This is a great game for a variety of activities and can be modified for a variety of ages. The game targets pattern matching, following verbal instructions, asking questions and…

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The Therapeutic Benefits of Playing “Simon Says”

May Game of the Month Spotlight: The Therapeutic Benefits of Playing Simon Says

Looking for a simple and fun activity that requires no materials? “Simon Says” is the perfect game to address a variety of skills to help with your child’s development!

  1. Body Awareness and Motor Development:…

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2015 Holiday Toy List: Recommendations from the Emerge Therapy Team

2015 Holiday Toy List: Recommendations from the Emerge Therapy Team

“What is the best toy for my child?”

“What toys can I find to work on these specific skills at home?”

As the holiday season approaches, our families often ask what we recommend they purchase or make for their child as a…

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Holiday Gift List

Here is a list to some of our favorite toys!

Download this list here:

Fine Motor


Lite Brite

HiHo Cherry

Honey Bee Tree

Squiggly Worms

String Along Lacing Kit

Scatterpiller Scramble

Tricky Fingers

Zoob Tubes

Balloon Lagoon

Design and Drill

Color Match and…

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